CQ Update – Aug 2020

Dear Residents

An update to you all regarding matters relevant to City Quay.

Sandstone Cliff and Casemate Update

We said we would keep you updated on progress with regards the assessment of the sandstone cliff and Casemates following the land slip on the Nuffield Site close to our gate and movement on City Quay side of cliff.

As you know following the slip we engaged with the city council, Health and Safety Executive and Environment Agency. The HSE provided advice on safety measures, which as you know we put in place immediately to protect the safety of residents. However it quickly became clear that the council and environment agency did not want to take responsibility despite correspondence from the Board.

The Board have since escalated the issues to the Mayor of Liverpool, CEO of Liverpool City Council and our local MP. To date (after more than 4 weeks wait) we have only had a response from our MP.

Given the risks and issues, to protect the safety if residents and financial position of leaseholders we therefore instructed a surveyor to assess the cliff and Casemates. This was to determine stability, risks and to determine next steps as well as enable us to engage with the Council and Environment Agency using expertise and an expert report.

The surveyors have now completed their on-site assessment of the cliff and Casemate. They are now using that to produce a report for City Quay, including recommendations for action which we will use to engage with the Council and Environment Agency as well as determine recommendations on next steps which we will discuss with Leaseholders at the AGM. The surveyors are also completing final checks on the source of the water escape which flows down the cliff onto City Quay as well as ownership checks.

We will share the report and proposed actions with leaseholders once received.

Accounts / Audit 2020 and AGM

The accounts have now been finalised and as requested at the AGM in 2019, been independently audited.

The accounts and audit opinions will be circulated to residents shortly as part of the AGM pack.

We are looking to hold the AGM in September and will ensure the accounts, audit opinion and AGM pack are with residents within the deadlines set in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

We are currently sourcing venues and will communicate a confirmed date for the AGM next week.

Works On-site

Decoration / Re-Carpet

We are pleased to confirm that the schedule published earlier in the summer for redecoration of communal hallways is on track and being completed to schedule.

Flat Roofs Ellerman Road Blocks

The flat roofs on the blocks of apartments on Ellerman Road have exceeded their life span. The roofs had a span of between 10 and 15 years but have now been in place for between 17 and 19 years. This therefore means they are no longer covered for any damage or leaks by our insurance policies.

The Board had engaged with numerous suppliers over many months before lockdown to replace the roofs and ensure the buildings structural integrity was maintained. Unfortunately lockdown then delayed further engagement.

We are now pleased this work has been able to commence with all the flat roofs being replaced during August, September and early October.

This will require scaffolding to be in place on the car park side of buildings for a number of weeks. We have now written to all leaseholders/residents affected and set out the schedule of works including impacts and actions leaseholders and residents need to take.

We have worked with suppliers to try and minimise disruption whilst these essential works are carried out. Should you have any issues with the works or suppliers during this time please do email the board at board@cityquay.com