CQ Report 2017/18

The City Quay Annual Report is now on it’s way via email and snail mail, along with voting and nomination forms.

If you can’t make the AGM on the 10th September, then please use this opportunity to vote beforehand or appoint a proxy.

The report is available to download here.

You can also go to our dedicated AGM page for updates.


CQ Newsletter – August 2018

Just a quick update this month.

A lovely sunset from a few days ago

Main gates — These will start being repaired and upgraded on 21/22 August.

Communal emergency lights — Work has started on replacing all the indoor communal lighting. They will all be replaced with energy efficient LED lamps and contain movement sensors so they only come on when needed.

Merry Fishmas — We continue to receive generous donations of fish from people throughout the North West. Check our Facebook page for more info.

City Quay Illuminations — The main CQ sign at the top end of the lake will be re-lit in the next few days. We also now have the cabling necessary to light up the remaining three fountains.

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