Pets @ City Quay

As you know City Quay as part of the terms of the head lease only allows pets with the permission of the Board of Directors. This is a legal condition which has been in place since the site was built.

The policy on site was to not allow dogs until 2015 when rules and regulations where introduced to allow small dogs on-site.

The rules and regulations where to ensure the terms of the head lease were still complied with (which directors must do by law) whilst allowing residents to enjoy responsible pet ownership on city quay.

Unfortunately due to the significant number of complaints over recent months concerning dogs on site including breaches of conditions of pet permits, such as persistent barking after dogs being left on balconies unattended, dogs being off the lead on site, dogs urinating on grassed areas causing £2,650 worth of damage and urine from dogs on balconies onto neighbours property and the significant administration burden and cost this is placing on the site and Director team, we will no longer be granting NEW pet permit applications for dogs for those that rent on-site.

We will review this again once we have undertaken a review and action to reduce non compliance on-site with pet permits.

Please note landlords may NOT give you permission to have a pet on-site that may only be done in writing by the Board of Directors.

Residents are reminded large dogs are NOT permitted on City Quay and legal action will commence imminently against those who have illegally brought large dogs onto site. Please note the cost of such legal action as per the lease will be borne by those in breach.

For those residents who comply with the terms of the lease and pet permit including;

1) Having a valid pet permit

2) not leaving any dog unaccompanied on a balcony

3) not allowing dogs to urinate or dedicate on grassed or flowered areas on-site (meadow excluded)

4) ensuring dogs do not disturb neighbours or cause noise nuisance

5) dogs are on leads at all times whilst on coyote quay communal areas

6) dogs are carried in from the entrance to the apartment when it is wet .

… then you have nothing to be concerned about. You will continue to be able to enjoy having your pet on city quay and we thank you for respecting your neighbours and enjoying dog ownership responsibly.

Lake/Fountain Update

To re install the repaired fountain at the end of the lake near the City Quay sign we are having to lower the level of the lake.

This will take between a day and a half and two days. During this time we need to close off the top riverside half of the lake by Adler way. Signs and barriers have been put up. Please do not bypass these for your own safety . No liability will be accepted by city quay for accidents or injuries to those deliberately bypassing the safety measures in place.

We thank you for your patience during these works.



We’re lucky to have the wonderful grounds we do at City Quay along with our unique water feature the lake.

The grounds are here for residents to enjoy and we hope you make use of them in the warm weather.

We only ask that you respect your neighbours and are considerate and comply with the site regulations and fire regulations ;

1; No barbecues may be used on balconies or placed on grassed areas. If you are using a BBQ you must used paved areas of the site and be a safe distance from buildings . Any breach of this policy nullifies site insurance.

2; when using grassed areas to socialise please respect those residents who may live near those grassed areas and keep a respectful distance from windows etc.

3: please enjoy but be mindful of noise and consider some residents are shift workers. We have many doctors , nurses , paramedics and police officers on-site so please be considerate of noise.

4. No music or noise should be heard outside of apartments after 11 pm at night.

5. All waste , rubbish etc. should be disposed of when leaving communal areas.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and make use of our fantastic grounds and outdoor space.