Freeview Signal Update

TV Signal Update – We received the 5G filters yesterday and the maintenance team have already started to install them. Any remaining blocks should be completed today.

However, blocks 126-165/166-205 will have a delay in getting their filters installed. Taller ladders are required.

If you are still experiencing signal issues over the weekend, try re-tuning. Failing that, please report it by creating a ticket at

Freeview Signal

As many of you are aware by now, Freeview signal across City Quay has been severely impaired. We believe this is a consequence of the 5G mast that was installed along Ellerman Road this last week.

We are in contact with RestoreTV (a programme run by Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited) to remediate the situation. We have asked them to send us a batch of 5G filters that can be installed inline with each communal aerial.

Further updates will be provided when available.

Bike Stores

Important Announcement – The bike stores will closed off this Thursday and Friday (17/18 Feb 2022) while new flooring is installed. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Brief Update – September 2021

We are currently finalising with auditors the accounts and audit for the financial year. We are planning to send out the Annual Report and accounts in the next two weeks. We will also be sending the AGM notices and aiming to hold the AGM as early in October as possible. We will update again once accounts finalised and AGM notices are ready to send.

EWS1 – People will be aware that the Governments advice concerning EWS1 changed yet again in July. We have therefore had to re assess what this means for City Quay and proposed next steps. We will be sending out an update once we have had the final advice back from CQ advisers and call another EGM.

Gym Gate Update

Dear Residents. We have recently been contacted by a number of residents requesting the rear pedestrian gate connecting to Nuffield land be reopened.

We contacted Nuffield HQ Property Managers and have been informed due to further assessments and safety work required they require the gate to remain locked and not accessed.

Given the land slip and risk and liabilities this poses to Nuffield and the risk posed to the safety of anyone below the cliff face we are sure like us you will understand the position of Nuffield.

We will update you when Nuffield have concluded their further assessments and work and we will remain in touch with Nuffield HQ.

Main Gates

We are aware that both main gates have just suffered a failure. We have now opened the gates manually. We will have engineers out tomorrow to check the issue and keep you updated.

City Quay December Update

Sandstone Cliff Survey

We have now had the surveyance report back following the inspection of stability of the cliff. This has set out that the cliff is on the whole stable. It has recommended further geological tests which the Board are considering, following which we will contact leaseholders for views. The barriers have therefore now been removed from the areas in front of the casemates. However the report did recognise the issue of fly tipping on the cliff’s which poses a significant health and safety risk and recommended the raising of the railings at the top of the cliff by 2 feet. We are now pursuing that with Liverpool city Council and keep you all updated. Please note there is still a risk of fly tipping debris falling so albeit limited risk so do stay away from casemates for your own safety. Parking regulations remain regarding space in front of casemates.


We are pleased to say CCTV installation has now commenced on-site. You will see the posts for CCTV cameras being installed this week and next with cameras being fitted and operational before Christmas. This will enhance security on site as well as help us tackle the antisocial behaviour around fly tipping in bins. We will communicate more on CCTV in the coming weeks including the process and protocols for accessing CCTV footage for incidents.

Decoration / Re-Carpet of Communal Areas

The programme is now ahead of schedule with us being able to pull two blocks forward in the schedule thanks to reducing outstanding debt. We will continue with the programme with all blocks completed in 2021. The new scheme is a significant enhancement and improvement, modernising blocks and improving the visual impact of communal areas. During winter months pictures and other décor will be added to re-decorated blocks to continue to improve the communal areas. This represents a significant investment of several hundred thousand pounds across the 53 blocks on-site. Its important we all take personal responsibility for taking care and looking after these newly decorated areas.

Flat Roofs

We have unfortunately faced challenges with the replacement of the flat roofs on Ellerman Road due to materials being delayed at ports ( you will have seen these issues reported on the BBC). We have also ensured we have stringent checks in place to ensure the works are up to the standard contractually required and covered by a manufacturer 10 year warranty to protect leaseholders and City Quay funds which again has caused delays. We are pleased to say however these have now been resolved with works progressing. Balconies under way will be completed by 20th December with scaffolding removed between 12 and 20th December. We will then agree a schedule of works for the remaining balconies in the New Year taking into account winter weather etc. We will update affected leaseholders/residents with future time lines in January.

ESW1 – New Fire Regulations

Leaseholders may be aware that in January this year due to the Grenfell Tower Fire new Fire Regulations were introduced by HM Government. This requires an inspection process to be undertaken known as ESW1 on all buildings above 18 Metres with cladding to determine fire regulation compliance with a certificate and report issued. The only building currently affected by these changes is Adler Way and the “wings” of Adler Way. It is worth noting we are aware of this impacting the sales of several apartments in Adler Way due to new lenders ( banks) requiring the ESW1 forms as part of mortgage processes. We are currently in contact with all currently affected leaseholders.

The regulations set out very specific processes and narrow professional competence standards to carry out the work. The Board have been engaged with numerous suppliers, the landlords, Ministry of Housing , Communities and Local Government to have this work undertaken. We have also to protect leaseholders financial interests lodged an initial application with the Government fund set up to undertake any remedial works required as a result of the ESW1 inspection process. We will be writing to leaseholders in Adler Way and affected blocks separately on these issues and next steps. We will keep all leaseholders updated on progress. It is worth noting that the government is currently consulting on lowering the height limit of these regulations which may mean more blocks within City Quay are caught by the regulations. We again will keep you updated.


Leaseholders/Residents may have noticed a new sample light in place on Ellerman road. We have been looking at improving lighting across the site both from a maintenance perspective where lamppost heads have been compromised by water as well as improving lighting for safety purposes and security as we install new CCTV. We will look to progress this improved lighting solution across the site in a phased approach in the coming months.

We hope leaseholders/residents agree that significant improvements are being made across the whole site despite the challenges Covid has posed. We also want to wish all leaseholders/residents a very Happy Christmas and New Year.