City Quay 2020 AGM

At the last AGM we tentatively set the date of the next one for Saturday 11 July. With the current COVID pandemic and HMG restrictions in place the Board have been considering the best approach to take to make sure the AGM proceeds.

We therefore want to seek your views.

Please note that regardless of approach to the AGM we will still send out / communicate accounts to you and budget / plan for year ahead.

The options for the AGM are therefore:

1) To continue with July, as originally proposed. However this would have to be held online via zoom due to current restrictions.

Attendees would need to register their interest prior to the event. The Zoom link would then be sent out a few days before.

This is allowed under the current HMG guidance provided by companies house.

2) Postpone the AGM to October when it may be possible to hold with social distancing at a venue in the city. We recognise that an online remote AGM for many is not ideal and people may prefer attendance in person.

Please note October would be conditional on HMG guidance at the time and subject to being able to implement suitable safe distancing etc.

So we would like the views of owners and Members of the Company to both options before we proceed with arrangements.

As mentioned at the beginning, this the start of a dialogue with you all. Comments and suggestions are welcome. You can comment in public via Facebook or the forum, or you can email in confidence.

We look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime please stay safe.

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  1. I think it would be best to postpone until October. A lot of residents here will not be familiar or comfortable with Zoom and I think it will make asking questions more difficult. I think you’re more likely to get a higher attendance if it’s held at a venue in October.

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