CQ Maintenance Update – 30/01/2018

Pedestrian gates working again

Thanks to the CQ Site Team, the main, side and rear pedestrian gate locks are working again.

Thank you very much to James and Tyrone for cobbling together the spare parts needed from old locks into getting the gates working again.

Background To Security Issues at City Quay

External Gate Issues

Between January 2015 and September 2017 we have been charged for 12 push-button locks (security code type), with a small amount of associated hardware, across the site at a cost of £4438.24. There may well have been locksmith call outs to re-sit or repair these as well, but we are unsure of the cost of this service as it was before the current boards time and accounts are not fully clear at this stage.

Apparently, both the previous on-site Manager and the Caretaker have also had to spend a good deal of time attempting to repair and maintain the locks, the closing mechanism, hinges and other associated gate closure equipment at various times over the same period. Unfortunately, we cannot quantify a financial cost of this extra and probably unnecessary work as it is not recorded but there were a lot of complaints made in the past.

Some of the external gate lock issues are minor, geographical location (salt exposure), more typically, it is the equipment being exposed to the normal elements (external location) and some is the rough treatment on the gates as a whole (e.g. climbing over the fence, using the gate as a ladder, or even the possibility of deliberate damage.)
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There’s trouble in the bin sheds

The need for our site team to clear abandoned rubbish from the communal bin areas is on the increase.

Here are some examples.

When items are abandoned, the site team have to move them to prevent any Health and Safety issues. It should not be part of their daily routine to clean up after residents who find it an inconvinience to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

If residents have large items for disposal, they should do one of the following:

  • Book a free collection from Liverpool City Council: You can request up to five bulky items per individual property and an unlimited number of small electrical items and textiles (clothes, belts, shoes, handbags) per collection
  • Load what you can into your car and visit Otterspool Household Waste Recycling Centre which is very close to City Quay.

If you are aware of any residents who are abandoning their rubbish around City Quay, then please click Contact Us and report it to us in confidence.

If conduct like this continues, then The Board will have to consider punitive action against persistent offenders.

Meter Cupboards

We are currently repairing/replacing locks on the meter cupboards around the blocks at City Quay. This is in order to comply with Health & Safety laws and as part of our Fire Prevention policy.

The locks used are the standard “security bolt” type. Keys for these are inexpensive and can be obtained from retailers such as B&Q and Amazon.

If you use your own key to unlock the door, please lock it again after checking your meter. If you have no key and your need is urgent, a suitably sized screwdriver will fulfil the task. If you are still having trouble, please raise a ticket.

Residents are also asked not to store any items in the meter cupboards. This includes bikes.

City Quay Safety Notice – 04/01/2018

Due to the current high winds, some of the large bushes above Casemate 38 have fallen to the ground.

If you have a car parked in front of any of the casemates, please move it urgently.

Please take care when walking past. Also, please take extra care when walking around the lake under the current weather conditions.

CQ Maintenance Update – 03/01/2018

Happy New Year to everyone

Many thanks to our two vigilant maintenance team who discovered a potentially serious gas leak from one of City Quay’s apartments.

Prompt action got the problem attended to and upon further investigation the leak was found to occupy the cavity wall system which could have proven particularly hazardous.

This is a timely warning to all occupants to ensure all gas appliances are fully compliant and scheduled servicing up to date.

Remember if you suspect a gas leak, please report it ASAP to Cadent 0800 111 999