Current and Future Works

Dear Residents

We’ve had a number of people ask what’s happening in Casemate One?

As per the Boards previous communication we are taking action to ensure the casemates and cliff are stable and safe following recent land slip and tree collapse.

As part of this the casemates and cliff are being surveyed, the casemates are in different states of repair and are of different types. Some are simply cut into the sandstone others have brick or concrete arches and walls.

In order for the surveyor to be able to undertake the relevant testing, we needed one of the brick casemates to be sandblasted of any loose material and to clean away the material off the brick arches. This sandblasting work will be completed this week so the noise will cease then.

Once we have the report and understand the stability of the casemates / cliff we will put the report and options to leaseholders at the AGM.

We apologise for short term noise but hope you understand this work is being done for the benefit of city quay leaseholders and to ensure we comply with our duties under the Health and Safety Act.

CCTV Installation

Work will shortly commence to install upgraded CCTV. We are starting with ensuring all the main entry and exit points are covered with high resolution CCTV. We are also ensuring the bike storage casemates are covered.

To do this we need to have an electricity supply so work will commence in the coming weeks to ensure in those areas there is sufficient electricity supply to support the CCTV installation.

We will notify you before the work commences. We do not anticipate the works being long and only a number of days.