City Quay Lake Update


As you all know, the lake is the centerpiece attraction at City Quay. The years have not been kind to the fountains, water quality and ecosystem. The board is committed to improving the lake with new fountains, plants and fish. Our vision is that the lake will be the best it’s ever been and be the envy of everyone else. Below is a review of lakes current state and our plans to improve it.

Water level and supply

Amazingly, we have our own water supply! For some reason it was only rediscovered two years ago, but the site has its own borehole. The water quality from this has already been tested. One consultant considered that it was rich in nutrients, so it is important to take care in filling the lake without some measures in place to prevent algae growth. Another consultant commented that the quality was better than tap water.

The lake has an inlet control which for some years had been used to automatically top up the water level, without knowing the source. Once the source was discovered to be our own borehole, the water authority put in a meter and issued a certificate for a very restrictive usage allowance.

We are now in the process of negotiating a significant increase in this allowance in order that much more new water can be fed into the lake throughout the year.
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Lake Improvements at City Quay

The lake at City Quay is the centre piece of the estate. Over the last few years, it has not been at it’s best. Lake Improvements at City Quay will make everyone living here feel better and offer encouragement to this wishing to move here.

Our plans for the lake

  • Add UV filter to reduce the colour and growth of alge
  • Put in some fish to help reduce midges