CQ Budget 2018-19

If you have a keen interest in City Quay’s finances,  love numbers or you are just having trouble sleeping, then please take a look at our 2018-19 budget.

CQ Budget to 31.03.19

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City Quay Gardens Update

Earlier this week, the Site Maintenance Team started a new project of restoring the lawns across City Quay. After years without treatment they have become heavily compacted and riddled with moss and weeds.

The process involves lawn scarification, the application of weed killer & lawn food, over-seeding followed by hollow tine aeration once the grass has started to develop.

During this time we ask that everyone refrains from walking across treated areas to help recovery. Dog walkers are advised to walk in the meadow at the front of the site along Riverside Drive.


Dockers Steps Mural

Meet the artist: Alan Murray.

The mural was painted in 2008 to coincide with Liverpool being chosen to be The European Capital of Culture. Now he is restoring it and making a few changes.

This is the before shot and the progress so far – can’t wait to see the end result.

It’s Incredible and what a fantastic artist.  Our work has paid off twisting the councils arm to re-do this work ????????????????

Hee is a bit more info about the artist.


AGM Vote 2018 Result

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM yesterday evening. The votes are in and I am pleased to say that the whole Board has been re-elected.

The votes to move forward with annually audited accounts and to retrospectively audit past accounts were also in the affirmative.

Again, thank you for all who voted. We really appreciate your support and trust.

This post will be updated to include the minutes when they become available.

If you have questions regarding the AGM, then please get in touch with Malcolm Bailey at Berkeley Shaw: mal@berkeleyshaw.com