Bin Sheds – November 2018

This is a plea to City Quay residents.

Can you please be more diligent In the disposal of your waste. If the bins in a bin shed are full, could you please walk along to the nearest bin shed and dispose of your waste properly.


It is surprising how we do not seem to understand that our convenience is ending up in excess cost and health hazard to our residents. In addition to the risk of any injuries from split stuff like broken plastic or glass that our maintenance team have to deal with.

James and his team had to spend time clearing and cleaning the above shed yesterday. Time they should been spending on more urgent matters.

We need to make sure we know proper disposal rules and put our trash in the correct bins. Please flatten boxes before dumping and keep our bin lids shut.


Residents need to take the initiative to correct others when they see improper disposal. Warnings will be issued to residents who are found to dispose wrongly and fines will be issued when caught recurrently.

We must keep our surroundings neat and clean to help us live healthy and better lives and for the betterment of City Quay.