Car Park Restrictions at City Quay

Parking Enforcement Regime & Reporting Instructions For Residents

Effective and In Force from 5 October 2020 – £100 FINE

City Quay is a leasehold site with key vehicle and parking restrictions contained within the lease. These are supported by site regulations. The current vehicle / parking restrictions are:

  • You may only park within your own apartments numbered bay.
  • Visitors may only park within marked visitor’s bays on-site. These are identified by the white V painted on the floor of the bay.
  • Vans over 3 tonnes require the permission of the Board to be onsite. They may only park at the rear of the site in visitor bays away from Apartment blocks.
  • Vehicles must be personal vehicles and be operational.

Parking is strictly NOT permitted:

  • On any road within the site.
  • On any pavement/ grassed area/ or flower bed within the site.
  • On any access road/pavement / grassed area or flower bed to/on the site.
  • In any bay other than your own or a Visitors bay.

It is the responsibility of leaseholders / residents to ensure their visitors / workers are aware and comply with these restrictions.

As of 5 October, these restrictions will be enforced through a fine of £100 and potential removal of vehicles off site at leaseholders / residents cost.

The below / attached sets out instructions for residents to log vehicle / parking breaches.

Full details are available in the below PDF document.