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I’m sure some of you have noticed that over the last few days, the performance of this website has been questionable. The problem was that we outgrew the original hosting service and so have moved the site onto a new service.

This was also an opportunity to change the website address to We hope you notice the improvement in speed and reliability.

A move like this is bound to have teething troubles, so if you have any questions or feedback, please use the comments link below, or the contact page

The Board


Website Problems

I know some of you are having difficulty connecting to the website. We are aware of this and are trying to fix it. It could be late Sunday bore things improve though, so bear with us.


Residents: Please read

Once again it has become necessary to for the Board and the Maintenance Team to be diverted from the normal duties to deal with the irresponsible mass dumping of waste in the bin sheds.

Further to our post from a few weeks ago which offered guidance and advice on how to deal with waste, we see that we have little choice to start pointing CCTV at the bin sheds and then pass on the clean-up charges to those found to be doing the dumping.


Parking and Abandoned Vehicles at City Quay

The Board would like to remind residents of their responsibilities when parking their vehicle on site.


  • Residents should park in their marked bay only.
  • Residents should ensure that all visitors to the site park only in the marked bays and, if not using the numbered bay of the person being visited, that they park in the clearly marked bays ‘V’ for visitors of which there are approximately 160.
  • Residents should adhere to the Covenants of the lease (Part 2 #2-6) which state that no vehicle over 3 tons in gross laden weight might be parked anywhere on the estate, that all vehicles must use only the marked bays, that no vehicle repair or maintenance can take place on site, no trailers, horse boxes, caravans or boats are allowed and no vehicles can be abandoned or neglected on site.

Abandoned Vehicles

Residents should report to the Site Maintenance Team any vehicles suspected of being abandoned or which are constantly causing a nuisance, deteriorating or causing oil to leak.

Vehicles deemed to be abandoned will be have a notice to it’s owner applied to the windscreen. Criteria can include

  • vehicles that have been left in the same space for months
  • vehicles with are not road legal, i.e. no tax and/or number plate
  • vehicles left in a poor state of repair

The owner will then have 15 days to remove the vehicle from City Quay for good.

If after 15 days, we find the vehicle still on City Quay grounds, we will arrange to have it towed away and responsibly disposed of. Any costs incurred will be passed to the vehicle owner.


Main Gate Update

You will not have failed to notice that the main vehicle gates have not been working for the last few weeks.

The motor has now been replaced in the left hand gate and is now fully operational. All being well, the other gate will have it’s motor replaced next week.

Further works are planned to completely overhaul all moving parts and ensure they comply with current regulations


The motors that control the gates have been installed for over seven years. They were reasonably maintained for a while, but instead of being replaced a few years ago, more and more money were spent to keep them going.
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Weather Alert – Refuse Collection

We have been informed by Liverpool City Council, that due to the surprise snow fall, the bins will not be emptied today.

The council hope to resume collection tomorrow or Saturday.

Residents Group Meeting – 12 March 2018

Meeting: Monday, 12th March 2018 at 7.30pm, Casemate 5

Please join me and other residents while we discuss life at City Quay and how we can all get involved in improving it for all.

Topics currently tabled for discussion:

  • The Lake and what is happening in the Spring.
  • Garden: planting our own plants and maintaining it.
  • Casemates and councils involvement.
  • Danger of parking cars outside case mates.
  • Veg plot: this is the time to buy your seedling. Aldi have a great supply
  • Garden furniture for our BBQs in summer.
  • Vans and parking.
  • Recycling bins.
  • Gate and security.
  • Ideas and volunteers to do garden’s and veg plot, also to take minutes for those who can’t be there.
  • Still looking for new Directors to get City Quay back on form. Volunteers willing to give a couple of hours a week to the running of City Quay. Do you have:
    • Skills: e.g. Accounting/bookkeeping, law/compliance, IT
    • Lots of common sense
    • Willingness to help in any way.

I hope to see many of you there.
Regards, Eileen @ 316

You can also discuss this and other goings on in the Residents Group Forum

Icicle Hazard Warning

Everyone at City Quay should stay clear of the Casemates due to icicles falling and other hazards due to heavy winds.

As you can see from the above picture, you don’t want to be around if one of them breaks loose.