Meeting Confirmed to still be held at 11:00 am but now via Zoom.

Due to recent changes in HMG advice and local authority restrictions in relation to Covid19 we are now holding the AGM via Zoom as allowed under The Companies and Industrial and Provident Societies (COVID-19) (Amendment) Bill 2020.

We hope you agree this is a sensible course of action to ensure company business proceeds whilst keeping leaseholders safe. All those who had previously confirmed attendance have been sent this information already along with a zoom invite and login details.

In order to ensure integrity of voting and to ensure confidential company business can be conducted openly and transparently with members, we will only be admitting those who have notified attendance in advance or have had a proxy vote confirmed. If you have not notified your wish to attend as per the previous notice and now wish to attend via zoom please email the Board via to request login details no later than 3pm Friday 25 September 2020. You must include in your email you full name, DOB and Apartment owned.

As of 12:00pm 24 September 2020 we have only received proxy nominations from Apartment Nos. 138 and 168. Should you wish to nominate a proxy to vote/attend on your behalf we are extending the deadline to 1pm Friday 24 September. Please email your completed proxy form to the company Secretary/Solicitor, Sarah Mansfield to or if any issues please call Ms Mansfield on 0151 236 7171.