Parking and Abandoned Vehicles at City Quay

The Board would like to remind residents of their responsibilities when parking their vehicle on site.


  • Residents should park in their marked bay only.
  • Residents should ensure that all visitors to the site park only in the marked bays and, if not using the numbered bay of the person being visited, that they park in the clearly marked bays ā€˜Vā€™ for visitors of which there are approximately 160.
  • Residents should adhere to the Covenants of the lease (Part 2 #2-6) which state that no vehicle over 3 tons in gross laden weight might be parked anywhere on the estate, that all vehicles must use only the marked bays, that no vehicle repair or maintenance can take place on site, no trailers, horse boxes, caravans or boats are allowed and no vehicles can be abandoned or neglected on site.

Abandoned Vehicles

Residents should report to the Site Maintenance Team any vehicles suspected of being abandoned or which are constantly causing a nuisance, deteriorating or causing oil to leak.

Vehicles deemed to be abandoned will be have a notice to it’s owner applied to the windscreen. Criteria can include

  • vehicles that have been left in the same space for months
  • vehicles with are not road legal, i.e. no tax and/or number plate
  • vehicles left in a poor state of repair

The owner will then have 15 days to remove the vehicle from City Quay for good.

If after 15 days, we find the vehicle still on City Quay grounds, we will arrange to have it towed away and responsibly disposed of. Any costs incurred will be passed to the vehicle owner.

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