IMMEDIATE REGULATIONS (ISSUED Under Section 8.4 of Lease Covenenants )

Dear Leaseholders/ Residents ,

With IMMEDIATE effect the Board have no choice but to remove access to site via the gate by Nuffield gym due to a small section of the sandstone cliff collapsing onto the area directly below.

Leaseholders/Residents MUST NOT use this gate for their own safety until the Board have been able to securely block access, which we hope to do tomorrow.

The gate will remain out of use until further notice.

Residents MUST also stay away from the areas directly in front of the case mates. No person or vehicle may enter the red bricked area in front of the casemates.

We will be having a geological safety survey undertaken as soon as possible and will be pursuing all avenues tomorrow.

We hope you understand we have issues these site regulations for your safety and protection and will update you as soon as we can.

City Quay will not be liable or responsible for any damage caused to persons or property for failing to adhere to these immediate regulations.