We’re lucky to have the wonderful grounds we do at City Quay along with our unique water feature the lake.

The grounds are here for residents to enjoy and we hope you make use of them in the warm weather.

We only ask that you respect your neighbours and are considerate and comply with the site regulations and fire regulations ;

1; No barbecues may be used on balconies or placed on grassed areas. If you are using a BBQ you must used paved areas of the site and be a safe distance from buildings . Any breach of this policy nullifies site insurance.

2; when using grassed areas to socialise please respect those residents who may live near those grassed areas and keep a respectful distance from windows etc.

3: please enjoy but be mindful of noise and consider some residents are shift workers. We have many doctors , nurses , paramedics and police officers on-site so please be considerate of noise.

4. No music or noise should be heard outside of apartments after 11 pm at night.

5. All waste , rubbish etc. should be disposed of when leaving communal areas.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and make use of our fantastic grounds and outdoor space.

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