Residents Group Meeting – 12 March 2018

Meeting: Monday, 12th March 2018 at 7.30pm, Casemate 5

Please join me and other residents while we discuss life at City Quay and how we can all get involved in improving it for all.

Topics currently tabled for discussion:

  • The Lake and what is happening in the Spring.
  • Garden: planting our own plants and maintaining it.
  • Casemates and councils involvement.
  • Danger of parking cars outside case mates.
  • Veg plot: this is the time to buy your seedling. Aldi have a great supply
  • Garden furniture for our BBQs in summer.
  • Vans and parking.
  • Recycling bins.
  • Gate and security.
  • Ideas and volunteers to do garden’s and veg plot, also to take minutes for those who can’t be there.
  • Still looking for new Directors to get City Quay back on form. Volunteers willing to give a couple of hours a week to the running of City Quay. Do you have:
    • Skills: e.g. Accounting/bookkeeping, law/compliance, IT
    • Lots of common sense
    • Willingness to help in any way.

I hope to see many of you there.
Regards, Eileen @ 316

You can also discuss this and other goings on in the Residents Group Forum