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  1. These benches look great, so valuable for those of us who don’t have balconies and personal outdoor space. I think they would be great on the grass at the north end of the lake looking south over the lake.
    Useful anytime of year.
    Thank you

  2. Yeah I agree! They look great and would look good around the lake. I’ve also thought that it would be nice to have some picnic benches around the lake? Maybe some at the top by Alder and one on the patch of grass by case mate 1? Has anyone thought of this before?

  3. We have, but we need to mindful of any residents directly affected by any extra noise brought about by adding such facilities.

    Once the benches are placed and if the feedback is positive, we can consider requests to expand any sitting/eating spaces.

  4. I keep looking out for the benches but I guess while we are a bit more public with the gates open probably a good idea not to make the general public too comfortable with seats as well.
    Something to look forward to next year.

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