COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents

We know people will be concerned by the current situation with Covid19.

The Board are currently expediting options to increase the cleaning regimes and include more regular disinfectant cleaning of key contact points in communal areas, such as door handles, stair rails etc. Or the addition of hand sanitizer within communal areas.

However we advise all residents to ensure they wash or sanitise their hands following contact with communal features in line with advice from HMG.

Residents who may be in the vulnerable categories that HMG have outlined, are advised to consider self isolation in the coming weeks – clearly having taken further and appropriate medical advice.

If you would like to email we can look at how we can support you during any such period.

We love City Quay as much as you do and we will do all we can to make City Quay a safe, healthy and vibrant community to live in.

Kindest regards
The Board of City Quay