Pets and City Quay

We are sorry to hear that a small number of dogs living at City Quay have fallen ill recently and the question was asked if weed killer was a contributing factor.

We the maintenance team are against the use of weed killer as we are pet owners ourselves. We have been pressured by residents to use weed killer due to the plants growing in areas of the site. Furthermore. we have only been using a very diluted dose across the site, a weaker mix than what the manufacturer advises and has been used for several weeks in selected areas where the weeds lie.

Due to the hot weather the use of the chemical has been put to a halt as it has been evaporating extremely fast and is not effective due to this. We can confirm that the last use of the weed killer on site was used on June 15 and would now have long since evaporated.

Future use of weed killer will be suspended indefinitely until the Board have received feedback from our Health & Safety Officer. The Board will then take a decision on whether it’s use is appropriate going forward.

I hope this can help clarify the use of weed killer at City Quay.

James Roche, Maintenance Team / City Quay Board

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