IMMEDIATE REGULATIONS (ISSUED Under Section 8.4 of Lease Covenenants )

Dear Leaseholders/ Residents ,

With IMMEDIATE effect the Board have no choice but to remove access to site via the gate by Nuffield gym due to a small section of the sandstone cliff collapsing onto the area directly below.

Leaseholders/Residents MUST NOT use this gate for their own safety until the Board have been able to securely block access, which we hope to do tomorrow.

The gate will remain out of use until further notice.

Residents MUST also stay away from the areas directly in front of the case mates. No person or vehicle may enter the red bricked area in front of the casemates.

We will be having a geological safety survey undertaken as soon as possible and will be pursuing all avenues tomorrow.

We hope you understand we have issues these site regulations for your safety and protection and will update you as soon as we can.

City Quay will not be liable or responsible for any damage caused to persons or property for failing to adhere to these immediate regulations.

New Directors

The current City Quay Directors would like to welcome some new and familiar additions to the Board. Let’s hear from them in their own words:

“I have owned and lived on-site with my husband Kevin for 14 years. I am a senior project, procurement and health and safety consultant and have worked on major private sector and government projects across the UK over the last 20 years. I am looking forward to using my skills and expertise on-site to support the continued improvement of the site for residents.” – Linda Burke

“I’ve been in Liverpool and been an owner at CQ since 2010. I love this place and I understand how lucky we all are to live in a very special and unique location. I’m an hotel operator (General Manager) and I have worked for Intercontinental Hotels and for the last 10 years for Hilton. Prior to Liverpool, I was in Manchester and London.” – Gianfranco Boccuzzi

“I have Lived in City Quay for over 4 years now. I am formerly a fashion retailer owner and have had shops throughout the UK (formally retired). I look forward to bringing my skills and passion of City Quay for all residents to make our little oasis a beautiful environment for residents to enjoy and to address all remedial works to as required.” – Audrey McCurley

The new directors have been appointed by the current Board until their position can be ratified at the next AGM.

City Quay 2020 AGM

At the last AGM we tentatively set the date of the next one for Saturday 11 July. With the current COVID pandemic and HMG restrictions in place the Board have been considering the best approach to take to make sure the AGM proceeds.

We therefore want to seek your views.

Please note that regardless of approach to the AGM we will still send out / communicate accounts to you and budget / plan for year ahead.

The options for the AGM are therefore:

1) To continue with July, as originally proposed. However this would have to be held online via zoom due to current restrictions.

Attendees would need to register their interest prior to the event. The Zoom link would then be sent out a few days before.

This is allowed under the current HMG guidance provided by companies house.

2) Postpone the AGM to October when it may be possible to hold with social distancing at a venue in the city. We recognise that an online remote AGM for many is not ideal and people may prefer attendance in person.

Please note October would be conditional on HMG guidance at the time and subject to being able to implement suitable safe distancing etc.

So we would like the views of owners and Members of the Company to both options before we proceed with arrangements.

As mentioned at the beginning, this the start of a dialogue with you all. Comments and suggestions are welcome. You can comment in public via Facebook or the forum, or you can email contact@cityquay.com in confidence.

We look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime please stay safe.


Windy Weather

Dear Residents

Due to the high winds today and forecast for rest of the weekend we ask you to please:

  • NOT open communal windows. As you can see from photo below the wind has already blown one window out.
  • If you walk past a communal window that’s open, please close it.
  • Ensure balcony furniture is secured.
Image may contain: plant, tree, table and outdoor

Please stay away from casemates and DO NOT walk on red bricked area or park there for any reason as risk of trees falling / branches debris falling is high.

CQ VE Day Schedule

Join your neighbours for nationwide stay at home party.

11 AM – UK Wide 2 Minute Silence – Air raid warning will sound for 75 seconds before 11 am so residents who wish to can come out on to balconies / to windows to observe the 2 minutes silence together.

3 PM – The Party Starts – an air raid siren will sound – Winston Churchill’s speech will be played on BBC. Then grab your picnic/drinks and go to balcony. A UK Wide Toast to Veterans directly after speech. We will join in to “Bless em All” by Dame Vera Lynn. (“Bless em all” is available on Amazon Music/iTunes – for residents who wish to please play the song)

This will be followed by a Simon playing “In the Mood” – please feel free to join in. Simon and Ed will then play a further song.

Residents are then encouraged to play their own music and enjoy a party. We ask residents who can, join in by playing the following songs from the war era at the following times:

4:15 PM – Land of Hope and Glory – Dame Vera Lynn
4:45 PM – White Cliffs of Dover – Dame Vera Lynn
5:30 PM – There’ll Always be an England – Dame Vera Lynn
6:15 PM – Flower of Scotland – Red Hot Chilli Pipers
6:45 PM – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Bette Midler

9 PM – HM The Queens Speech – Followed by UK Wide Sing along of “ We’ll Meet Again” .

9:30 PM – End of Programme

VE Day: City Quay Celebrates and Remembers From Home Safely

May 8th marks 75 years since the Nazi surrender and Victory In Europe was declared. The bank holiday was moved this year to the 8th of May to allow us as a nation to celebrate and say thank you to all those who served and all those who lost their lives to make that victory possible.

Sadly due to Covid19 all the previous plans of national celebration of our veterans and remembrance of those who never came home have had to be cancelled. The Government however have encouraged households across the UK to put out flags, bunting and to celebrate safely at home to mark this important day.

As City Quay has shown on the Thursday clap for Carers and NHS workers we are a community. The Board therefore feel we should answer the Governments call and once again as a community show our support, gratitude and thanks to all those who served and all those who endured. So we will be decorating parts of the site this coming week and encourage all residents to show the red white and blue on their balconies and windows.

Or if you have a different national flag please do display with pride. Of course the UK had many allies and we will be trying to recognise all those ally nations and their forces as well in our decorations. It’s an opportunity for us as a community to celebrate safely on our balconies and from our windows.

We will be looking at putting together plans for safe celebrations in the next 48 hours and will communicate them once we have finalised. It’s a great opportunity for us as a community to recognise the sacrifices of that war generation, have a good old “knees up“ together but safely in our homes.

City Quays marking the occasion is also poignant given it’s (Herculaneum Dock) historic link with the war effort. Many of you will see the casemates (big black iron doors at entrance of them) as you walk around the site. The reason these are Grade II listed is because they stored the oil and armaments sent to the UK by the USA during WWII prior to them being transported to the front lines.

In the meantime in preparation do look on-line at the governments celebration pack and pop a bit of decoration for your apartment in your basket at your next shop. https://ve-vjday75.gov.uk/get-involved/

CQ Residents & COVID

To All Residents,

This is a tough time for everyone, being away from family and friends, our normal routines disrupted and being stuck indoors for long periods is not easy. However it is necessary to protect the NHS and save lives.

We’re lucky at City Quay to have the land, lake and wonderful grounds to make the required self isolation easier for us all. As private lands and ground and as leaseholders/tenants the land is the equivalent of our “garden” in terms of government advice. It’s been great to see residents making use of the space as part of their daily exercise.

However despite being private land we are still subject to the same restrictions put in place by the Government in response to Covid-19 and it’s been great to see the majority of residents adhering to the restrictions and also being considerate of neighbours.

We have however now received complaints about a number of instances of the current law being flouted. We therefore need to remind residents that;

  • the law in place requiring social distancing and essential travel only DOES apply to City Quay.
  • leaseholders/residents may not during this time have guests or visitors to their homes or the CQ complex under any circumstances other than as registered carers or to deliver items in a socially distanced safe manner.
  • 2M social distance must be maintained at all times – gardens and grass / land can be used but social distancing must take place at 2M at all times
  • only those registered as being in the same household on City Quay may walk together / exercise / relax together on CQ grounds including grassed areas.
  • when using grassed areas 2M social distancing from others must be observed at all times.

We know it is only a minority so far who have failed to adhere to these legal requirements and its disappointing we have to issue this reminder. However as a Board we have legal duties and we all have a duty to comply with the current law, which after all is in place to protect us all.

Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in the police being notified and also is a breach of the terms of your lease and the Board won’t hesitate to take action against those who disregard the health and well being of us all.

Please do keep enjoying your grounds and the site safely and in line with the law.

Support The NHS tonight

Dear Residents

After the unprecedented moment of national unity last week when we all showed our appreciation for our amazing NHS staff who continue to fight this virus on the front line, we can all come together tonight and do it all over again …. but this time even louder!!!

They are standing by us and tonight as a small gesture we are being asked to show our appreciation with “the big clap” at 8 pm.

We hope people will take part from their balconies. If you do come outside to clap please remember to stay 2m apart from other residents not in your household.

Stay safe and best wishes
CQ Board

COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents

We know people will be concerned by the current situation with Covid19.

The Board are currently expediting options to increase the cleaning regimes and include more regular disinfectant cleaning of key contact points in communal areas, such as door handles, stair rails etc. Or the addition of hand sanitizer within communal areas.

However we advise all residents to ensure they wash or sanitise their hands following contact with communal features in line with advice from HMG.

Residents who may be in the vulnerable categories that HMG have outlined, are advised to consider self isolation in the coming weeks – clearly having taken further and appropriate medical advice.

If you would like to email contact@cityquay.com we can look at how we can support you during any such period.

We love City Quay as much as you do and we will do all we can to make City Quay a safe, healthy and vibrant community to live in.

Kindest regards
The Board of City Quay

AGM – Complete details

All AGM communications have now been sent by email or post.

If Berkeley Shaw had an email address on file then it would have been sent to you there. For those without email and living at City Quay, the letter put through letterbox. The rest were sent using regular post.

If you have not yet received it then please download the documents listed below or contact Berkeley Shaw on 0151 924 6000

We look forward to seeing you all on the 29th.