Appointing a New Agent

To all leaseholders of City Quay

There have been a number of important developments this year, including the change of board membership, creation of our own web site ( and regular meetings with residents to discuss changes and respond to any issues raised.

We have also been addressing the need to find a replacement for our current Managing Agent. Following the last AGM in July, Wren had made it known that they did not intend to continue. In due course they advised us that we should undertake a tender process for new managing agents and that they would not be submitting themselves for consideration.

The board has now reviewed detailed applications and had meetings with 5 companies who have met our criteria relating to experience, established procedures and qualifications.

At this stage we have identified two candidates who we feel best match our requirements and offer the best value. They are:

Revolution Property Management Limited, based in Deansgate, Manchester
Berkeley Shaw Property Management Limited, based in Old Hall St, Liverpool

The intention is to make a final decision within the next two weeks. The board continues to welcome any input from leaseholders regarding this and any other issue. If you have any thoughts regarding the choice of managing agent, we would be pleased to take them into consideration. Clearly, as there are 415 apartments involved, it would be exceptional for everyone to agree on every matter. Nevertheless, all views are imprtant and all are now taken seriously.

Please look at our web site for more information. Register on our forum, which is designed so that any issues may be raised within our own group. You are also able to use our contact form if you wish to raise any confidential matters with the board.

If you would prefer not to contact via the website your comments email us at or telephone Malcolm Bailey on O 151 236 7171.

Regarding the Service Charge, please do not make any change to standing orders at this time. There will be no increase in the amount payable as a result of this change and you will be notified of any required amendment to payee bank details in good time.

Yours faithfully

City Quay Board of Directors



At our last open meeting we made an announcement about recent changes at City Quay and what has been going on behind the scenes.

Not everyone is able to get to our open meetings so, we are putting this notice on every notice board.

A new website for owners and residents has been created, we encourage you to sign up and get involved in news sharing etc.

We are also in the process of tendering for a new management agent. We have retained a legal advisor to help with this from a firm of Liverpool based solicitors.

Wren have informed us that they will not be tendering for the contract. Their current contract will therefore terminate at the end of November. Meanwhile there will be little change for leaseholders and residents. All normal work and repairs will continue until we have a new management agent in place.

Tom Tracey and David Mault will continue to work for us checking on all necessary repairs and generally keeping things in good order.

We will place notices about our next open forum in a week or two. We hope to see you there. Please sign up to our website and post if you would like to keep up to date or be involved in any aspect of life at City Quay.

Good Neighbour Policy


Everyone who comes to live at City Quay has a right to enjoy their apartment in a peaceful and stress-free atmosphere. Achieving this will at times require patient and skilful negotiations between neighbours. For some people City Quay is their permanent home and they have invested much if not all of their financial and emotional resources in settling here; while others are here only on a temporary basis some for as short a period as six months. Expectations from both groups can vary considerably. This policy will firstly make clear that the Lease which everyone has agreed to abide by contains elements that we have a right to expect will be adhered to at all times by all people on site.


This policy document attempts to set out some guidelines to help residents deal with difficult issues around relationships with neighbours brought about by the close living involved in apartment dwelling. It is based on an assumption that most people are reasonable and considerate and are open to moderating their behaviour in order not to inconvenience unnecessarily their neighbours. However there is a small minority for whom this approach will not work and this policy will outline the steps that ought to be taken to try and achieve an appropriate attitude to communal living. Firstly the policy will make clear the responsibilities under the lease whose compliance with is the responsibility of everyone living here.

Continue reading “Good Neighbour Policy”

Submit your photos of City Quay

Want to see your favourite photos of City Quay showcased on this website?

When we have a good stock we will set-up a gallery for everyone to see. The best photos will be used as main images for the website.

Help Save The Lake

Thursday afternoon, September 14th 2017

Fancy helping improving the appearance and ecosystem of the lake? Then come on down this Thursday afternoon and help our resident Lake Advisor, John Faulkner, prepare some bales of straw.

These will be placed in the lake and weighed down so that they break down all that nasty algae.


Next Monthly Meeting

Meeting scheduled for 22 September 2017.

It is important for Board accountability and transparency that we hold regular meetings with stakeholders from the estate. The next meeting will be on Friday 22 September. See here for some more details.

Residents and owners are encouraged to come along and see what the board have been up to.

It’s also your chance to come mingle with the board. Have a few beverages. There might even be biscuits.

Lake Improvements at City Quay

The lake at City Quay is the centre piece of the estate. Over the last few years, it has not been at it’s best. Lake Improvements at City Quay will make everyone living here feel better and offer encouragement to this wishing to move here.

Our plans for the lake

  • Add UV filter to reduce the colour and growth of alge
  • Put in some fish to help reduce midges

New City Quay Website for Owners and Residents

City Quay’s new website is up and running and ready for action. A warm welcome goes out to all of our new visitors.

Existing Features

Under the News menu you can find all sorts of helpful information.
We have a private forum where you are free to talk about your experiences and issues from around the estate.
Use the support page to log faults/complaints.

We are here for you

The website will only grow and prosper if you use it. If you have any suggestions to enhance what works, improve what doesn’t or anything else, please get in touch.

I’ve worked really really hard on this so no complaining to me for at least a couple of weeks.

Thank you
Mike Riley

Traffic Management Policy

With 416 apartments on site and with many of the occupiers having more than one vehicle it became obvious to everyone that there was a need to establish some order on the roads, car parks and pavements of the estate. This was firstly to make sure that the emergency vehicles could speedily navigate the site without endangering their lives or that of any resident. Secondly it was necessary to confront clear breaches of the lease and thirdly to improve the value of everyone’s property by improving the first impressions of the estate through creating a sense of order from the previous impression of chaos.


This policy will set out the guidelines and principles involved in managing traffic at City Quay as well as describing the various responsibilities of each party. The Directors of City Quay Management (2001) Company Ltd have since 12th April 2010 instituted a Traffic Management scheme for City Quay. It basically involves enforcing the provisions of the lease (Part 2 #2-6) one of which clearly state that vehicles must use marked bays only. They held a month-long open consultation with every resident on site. There then followed a period of adaptation of the site (ensuring every bay was numbered, that all visitor bays were marked clearly at the entrance with a ‘V’, marking several yellow-painted cross-hatched refuge bays across the estate for the use of residents with permission, erecting warning signs across the estate as well as signs designating the main Visitor Parking areas, delivering a site map to each apartment, placing local maps containing parking arrangements onto the notice boards in each stairwell and erecting a permanent site map of the Traffic Management scheme at the entrance to City Quay). From 1st June 2010 residents were given a month-long bedding-in process whereby cars were ticketed but not fined for infringement of the lease and the full scheme came into operation on 5th July 2010. In the months since the scheme came into operation it has been an immediate success and the roads and pavements are permanently clear for emergency vehicles and though a number of tickets have been issued complaints have been few. Residents too are using the scheme to enforce their right to occupy their own numbered parking space and this has resulted in less confrontations and resentment between neighbours.

Duties and Responsibilities: Residents

  • Residents are required at all times to park in their marked bay only.
  • Residents are required to ensure that all visitors to the site park only in the marked bays and if not using the numbered bay of the person being visited that they park in the clearly marked bays ‘V’ for visitors of which there are approximately 160.
  • Residents are required to drive with due care and attention while on the private roads of the estate and there is a speed limit of 10MPH in force.
  • Residents are reminded that for their safety and security every vehicle coming onto and leaving the estate is monitored by CCTV cameras with number-plate recognition capability.
  • If an unauthorised vehicle parks in the numbered bay of a resident they can place onto the windscreen a specially printed CQMC warning that can be obtained from the Site Manager or CQMC Directors.
  • Residents are required to adhere to the Covenants of the lease (Part 2 #2-6) which state that no vehicle over 3 tons in gross laden weight might be parked anywhere on the estate, that all vehicles must use only the marked bays, that no vehicle repair or maintenance can take place on site, no trailers, horse boxes, caravans or boats are allowed and no vehicles can be abandoned or neglected on site.
  • Residents will report to the Site Manager any vehicles suspected of being abandoned or which are constantly causing a nuisance, deteriorating or causing oil to leak.
  • Residents are reminded that it is both a traffic offence and a serious danger to other residents to drive the wrong way around the roundabout and that all cars that do so are caught on CCTV.
  • Motor cycles and scooters may be parked overnight in the designated areas in front of the bin stores. Bicycles may also be left there at their owners risk; however there is a CCTV-monitored secure bicycle store available for a small rent by contacting the Site Manager.
  • Residents are encouraged to help CQMC Directors keep the roads and pathways clear at all times by reporting to any offending vehicles in breach of the lease and this Policy Document.

Duties and Responsibilities: Managing Agent & Security Company

  • The Managing Agent will ensure that all parking bays are clearly marked and that the estate has appropriate signage indicating the basic plan of the estate and the rules that govern it.
  • The Management Company has appointed Parking Ticketing Ltd to enforce the Traffic Management scheme at City Quay and along with their Managing Agent will offer them all support and assistance as required to enable their work to be professionally executed.
  • Parking Ticketing Ltd will adhere at all times to the highest ethical code of conduct and best practice in the industry and will liaise directly with the Directors and Site Manager over any disputes arising from their enforcement of the Traffic Management scheme.
  • The Management Company will ensure that there are sufficient CQMC Warning stickers for residents to use on site in the case of drivers parking in a resident’s private space.
  • The Managing Agent will assist in the removal of vehicles that are in breach of the lease. They will also make contact with any owners of vehicles that are not permitted on site in order to achieve compliance with the lease.
  • On behalf of the Managing Agent the Site Manger will administer the secure bicycle storage area.
  • The Managing Agent and the Management Company