CQ Maintenance Update – 22/12/2017

This is the first of what will be hopefully weekly updates regarding major maintenance issues around the site.


Work is nearing completion on City Quays lamp standards. We have upgraded bulbs to LED for a safer and more economical environment. Corrosion has taken its toll on the majority of fittings but the extra work is worthwhile for future servicing or bulb replacement.


Many of the rainwater gulleys have also been cleared to relieve water pooling around the site.

Refuse Collection

We are currently liaising with our refuse collectors in an effort to develop a better working relationship. In the meantime can residents please remember Bulky Bobs for removal of all large items from site to avoid obstruction or injury from abandoned rubbish outside of the bins.

Thank you for your continued support as we continue to make improvements to City Quay and have a Merry Christmas