My City Quay is for Owners and Residents

Welcome to City Quay in Liverpool!

City Quay is situated just to the South of Liverpool City – just about a comfortable walking distance to the town centre or one stop on the Metro link. A few yards to the Mersey and with Festival gardens to our south, there is plenty to do and see.

On our forum we share experiences, views, information, contacts, solutions to problems and various other aspects of residential and owner support.

Comments, questions and advice are welcomed and encouraged, whether you are a resident or landlord. For the forum you will first need to register. There is no cost or obligation. The username you choose and your apartment number will be visible, but no other information will be shared unless you choose to provide it. We will not pester you or share any of your details with anyone else.

This site is still evolving, so more working pages will be added in due course.